EECP, also known as Enhanced external counterpulsation, is a mechanical procedure where inflatable cuffs are wrapped around both of the patient’s legs. The leg cuffs inflate and deflate, simultaneously synchronizing with the heartbeat. 

EECP is an alternative for bypass surgery to treat angina and restore the blood flow. While it is proven that this treatment is helpful and effective in reducing symptoms and complete cure, it is still not widely known by all.

The two potential benefits of EECP are: 

  1. The action of the leg cuffs increases the blood flow to the coronary arteries. 
  2.  During deflating action, EECP creates a sudden vacuum in the arteries, which reduces the work of the heart muscle to pump blood.  

Other benefits are that EECP may help in reducing endothelial dysfunction. It also improves peripheral arterial function, reduces myocardial oxygen demand, etc. 


  • EECP is not painful. It may seem uncomfortable, but it rarely hurts or there is pain. The level of uncomfortableness is tolerable.

    But one must understand that not everyone can have EECP. There are specific issues due to which people suffering from it cannot have EECP such as:  
  •  Pulmonary hypertension 
  •  Aortic insufficiency
  •  Recent cardiac catheterization
  •  Valvular disease
  •  An enlarged heart
  •  Irregular heart rhythm
  •  Severe hypertension
  •  Congenital heart defect
  •  Peripheral artery disease
  •  Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

 And other such conditions. Apart from these conditions, anyone can be perfectly fit for this procedure.

According to a study, those who still have angina despite several medical therapies can consider EECP. Those who don’t want painful treatments and restrictions can opt for EECP. There are people in whom, stents, bypass surgery are not recommended for other medical conditions. Those are eligible for EECP as an alternative to bypass surgery


Even though EECP has so many advantages to it, it is still not acknowledged by the cardiology community itself due to its unconventional form of therapy. In fact, there are still countries where, despite the technological advancements, the cardiologists fail to consider EECP as even an option. Thus, most of the patients never even get to know about the existence of such type of therapy.  

EECP is a non-invasive treatment for angina, alternative treatment for bypass surgery, which is pain-free, safe with no side effects. We must acknowledge the effectiveness of the procedure and should let people know about such types of noninvasive therapy before they are pushed into invasive treatment.

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