Obesity is the Mother of all diseases .Obese people are prone to many a health problems such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, degenerative arthritis, respiratory insufficiency, sleep apnea syndrome and emotional psychological complications.

Weight Management Weight Management Weight Management Weight Management

Dr.Sivabalan being a preventive cardiologist, his passion for optimum heart care has overflowed into the realm of total body health and wellness and his continued efforts to provide the best health care to his patients have compelled him to launch a non surgical system called WYFAT that would help his patients to lose weight with out efforts with absolutely no medications, no exercise and zero side effects

Neomed Hospital has introduced a highly sophisticated weight management division with Advanced Technology Electro Medical Equipments (ATEME ) along with a facility of computerized Body Composition Analysis (BCA) and professionally trained personnel.

The computerized analysis is a scientific yard stick to ascertain and assess the severity of adipose tissue and to formulate an individual weight management programme.

These European based technology equipments with low intensity stimuli; induce the muscle causing to contract in rapid succession. The muscle which is induced by the equipment forces the muscle-skeletal cells to work extra, hence the effect would be extra usage of nutrients to support the required additional energy The equipment sends the order to the muscles to perform the mass repetitions, it does not supply any energy to accomplish the task which causes the muscle to draw from the body’s fat store. Then another equipment is used to alleviate skin and muscular slackness. The treatment can be used for reducing wrinkles in the face, abdominal tightening, arm and back tightening, and breast and buttocks lifting. One session performed on the abdominal muscles equates to 1,000 conventional sit-ups.

Weight Management Weight Management

The comprehensive weight management session lasts approximately from 30 to 60 days depending on the BCA of an individual these elements provide male and female patients immediate, visible and long-lasting results in the elimination of cellulite, extra kilos and treatment of skin and muscular slackness and the aging process, to name a few.


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