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Date: Saturday, 20.03.2010
Place: Chennai

I, R.Mahadevan, aged 70 years, a resident of Melapavoor in Thirunelveli district had undergone Bypass Surgery at Apollo Hospital for my Coronary Artery Triple Vessel Disease in 1999. After a period of 10 years, I suffered from anginal pain in September 2009 and I approached K.G. Hospital, Coimbatore, where Coronary angiogram was taken on 16.09.2009, which showed Native Triple Vessel Coronary Artery Disease with 100% stenosis of RCA, LAD & Total occlusion of LIMA to OM Graft. Then I approached Apollo Hospital in Chennai on 07.10.2009, TMT was taken, the test was strongly positive and I was admitted & underwent Angioplasty on 08.10.2009. But unfortunately even after the Angioplasty, the anginal pain continued with sweating and palpitation.

At this juncture, I was advised by some well wishers to approach Neomed Hospital in Anna Nagar, Chennai. I had a consultation with Dr.L.Sivabalan. He advised me to take Myocardial Perfusion Scan. Myocardial Perfusion Scan was taken and it showed reversible perfusion defects in some segments of myocardial tissue. Dr.L.Sivabalan advised to take ESMR– 9 sittings ( 3 Weeks) & Chelation Therapy – 40 sittings.

The Chelation Therapy was given twice a week with regular checkup of BP, Pulse Rate & Oxygen Saturation. The first week of ESMR was given for 3 days during the 2nd week of December 2009 and the consecutive sittings of ESMR were given during the 1st week of January & 1st week of February 2010.

When I came for the treatment I was not even able to walk or speak. But while coming for 3rd week of ESMR, I was able to drive myself alone to the hospital. On completion of these treatments, there was a remarkable improvement in my health and the anginal pain had disappeared step by step. The improvement though slow was remarkable and I am able to carry on my duties without any difficulties. Now I am able to climb up three flights of staircase without any breathlessness or chest pain.

The doctor has suggested to have another nuclear scan after 3 months and of course, I am sure the functioning of the heart muscles have gone up to 50-55%.

I am highly thankful to the kind and sympathetic approach of Dr.L.Sivabalan and the colleagues of the Neomed hospital, Anna Nagar, Chennai.

Very Truly,

Sara Abdul Wahed

First Of All I Thank Almighty Allah For Giving Me Life And Health.

I Mrs.Sara Abdul Wahed F/58 from Kuwait came to NEOMED HOSPITAL on 11, January 2010 with everyday feeling of chest pain, left hand pain, and breathlessness Everyday after taking 5 or six steps and going to toilet I felt shortness of breath after my angioplasty and fixing stent in my heart I use to take daily 3 to 5 times under tongue tablet ISORDIL and doctors in Kuwait advised me and given me appointment for heart bypass surgery on 25th January 2010 by surgeon Dr.Shamari at HEART HOSPITAL KUWAIT. I am so scared of surgery I was not willing to go for surgery I came to NEOMED HOSPITAL to try for non invasive and non surgical treatment for my heart diseases. In NEOMED HOSPITAL doctor gave me the ESMR treatment along with medication and I under went 9 sittings of ESMR in a span of 65 days

  1. After 1st set of 3 sitting I was relieved from chest pain little improvement in breathing and but I was still feeling the left arm pain
  2. After the 2nd set of 3 settings I was relieved from my arm pain and much more improvement in breathing now I can breathe without any difficulty I can now walk steadily for 15 minutes without exertion and no shortness of breath I get sound sleep.
  3. After the 3rd set of 3 settings I am completely relieved from my left arm pain and more improvement in my breathlessness.

After the start of ESMR treatment I have not taken even 1 time under tongue tablet ISORDIL as I never felt the need and I never felt chest pain Now I could feel my self improving and normal.

I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful treatment and personal care by chief consultant Dr.L.Sivabalan for his most committed dedication he treated me like a son doctor treat his own mother if my son would be a doctor he could not treat me better than Dr. L.Sivabalan in spite of his busiest schedule consulting hundreds of patients every day 3 to 4 time he was asking about my diabetes level and everyday changing my insulin level to control my diabetes and selecting for me the best treatment he done for me everything is possible as a doctor son can do. I have never seen in my entire life such a good doctor as Dr.L.Sivabalan is If I could I would have given you the best Doctor award in the world not only good doctor even good human Once again, I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH DOCTOR SIVA BALAN. I’d like to particularly thank cardiologist who attended me on ESMR treatment.

I’d like to thank and appreciate all duty doctors for their attentive approach, the nursing staff for their quality of caring and special thanks to the Relationship Manager for his utmost co operation in all aspects needed for an international patient THANK YOU Sir.

Being heart patient I would suggest to every heart patient that please try NEOMED HOSPITAL non invasive and non surgical treatments I am suggesting this not for benefit of hospital or doctor but for benefit of patients only. Being patient the pains which I felt I don’t want anyone to feel the same pain not only the pain but the fear of operation when I heard that doctor suggested bypass surgery I could not sleep well until I heard alternative treatment of NEOMED HOSPITAL.

Thanks to you all, I’m now able to look forward to a long-held dream to be able to go back and visit my family in the state of Kuwait. Without your help, this would not have been possible so you can imagine how grateful I am. .

Best regards

I hereby consent to allow the use of this testimonial by NEOMED HOSPITALS for the promotional purpose and the website with out my photograph

If any patient want to know the experience of my treatment they can mail me at ahmadsaeed11@yahoo.com

Wing Commander C.S.Krishnamurthy (Retd)
K.K.Nagar, Chennai-600078
Tel: 24846952, Mobile : 98406 56952

Dear Dr. Sivabalan

I wish to thank you for the advice and treatment I had at your Neomed Hospital.

I have been having 3 vessel CAD since 1998. I have been managing to carry on my normal work without any major problem as I was following a rigid schedule of food, Exercise Yoga and Meditation.

In june 2005 this year, I underwent a Angiography again to find out the position of the blocks in my heart. Angio showed the presence of blocks in the same place.

So on your advise and suggestion, I underwent the Artery Clearance Therapy of 40 Chelation and 5 Ozone in your Neomed Hospital since 19 july, 2005.

I had taken 3-D Cartography before starting the treatment on 16.7.2005 and again on 19.11.2005 after completion of the treatment.

I found that there is a very good improvement in the test after the Chelation treatment as confirmed by the Cartography result.

More than that I personally find I am able to perform more work than earlier times.

I go for a long very brisk walk (with in between jogging) for about 1 hour everyday without much effort.
I do free hand exercise in the morning for 30 minutes in the morning.
Follow it by about 45 min. Yoga practices.
I do jog for about 10 min. everyday without much of difficulty. Earlier I was not confident of doing the jogging.

I certainly find that the Chelation therapy had done good to me. But along with Chelation, my adapting a LIFESTYLE CHANGING PROGRAMME has made the treatment more effective and positive.

The LCP programme runs like this:

I have a strict ZERO OIL Diet. No oil, butter or Ghee at all.
Very minimum milk products.
No sweets whatsoever.
I do regular meditation everyday.
Lots of Fruits and Raw Vegetables form almost 50%.

In Conclusion, I firmly believe that the chelation treatment along with the following of some Diet Control, Regular walking, Exercise and following Stress relief practices can effectively remove the Blocks in the Heart and other parts of the body.

I wish to thank all the Nurses and Staff in Neomed Hospital who gave me the treatment very happily and with ever smiling face.

I thank you once again for all the valuable treatment and advice.

Co-ordinator – Friendship Ministry (U.S.A)
President St. Paul’s Church Congregation
Welfare Mission
President-Y.M.C.A Villivakkam(Branch)
Co-Founder-Bethel Youth Fellowship,
Kilpauk, Chennai 600 010.
(Tamil Baptist Church)
Old # 27, New # 57,
Murugappa Street, Purasawalkam,
Chennai 600 07.
India 42041006.
From the year 1998 I am a Heart patient. I had symptoms of breathlesness, uneasiness, congestion in lungs, sleeplessness etc. I consulted an eminent cardiologist Dr.K.M. Cherian at Madras Meducal Mission Hospital, Chennai. After a short treatment, I used to feel improvement and I was sent home. However, I was not completely cured of my heart problem and the symptoms mentioned above continued to persist. I had almost annual recurrence of severe chest pain and breathlessness in the years, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. Everytime when I had such an acute attacks I was admitted as an inpatient at M.M.M.Hospital, Chennai 600 037. After keeping me in ventifator I.C.U. and medication I used to get discharged and come back home. Finally the doctors at M.M.Hospital, Chennai diagnosis my heart problem as ” CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE WITH L.V.DISFUNCTION AND SEVERE TRIPLE VESSEL DISEASE ” I was advised to undergo ” Coronary Artery (By-(Pass Grafting Surgery” which costs around three lakh Rupees (Rs.3,00,000/-) the doctors have put the survival hope at 60% and risk at 40%.

For a second opinion I consulted the eminent cardiologist Dr.K.M.Cherian who to my utter shock and disbelief put the survival rate at 20% and risk rate at 80%, I was in a dilema as to whether go in for a By Pass surgery involving an expenditure of about three lakhs, when the risk factor is 80%.

At this confused stage of anxiety worry and fear, a close relative of mine had brought a good things. He brought with him his friend who had similar heart problem like mine but miraculeously cured by treatment of Chelations and Ozone (Blood Purifiet) therapy treatment adiminstered by Dr.L.Sivabalan, at NEOMED HOSPITAL, Annanagar, Chennai 40. After the treatment, the person testified that he was completely cured of all his previous Hear Problems and new living a near normal life.

I immediately rushed to Dr.L.Siva Balan, NEOMED HOSPITAL, Annanagar, Chennai 40, who explained to me the innovative and effective treatment for dissolving heart blocks without surgery. He advised that a course of 50 sittings of “CHELATION and OZONE” – Blood Purifier” will remove heart blockages and therapy increase oxygen supply to heart and bring the person to active normal life. This gave me a new hope a the treatment is far less expensive. The treatment commenced on 06.02.2006. With just 15 to 20 sittings, I began to feel a new lease of life given to me. I used to breath freely, walk with Ease without breathlessness as before, I used to eat well with good digestion and also get sound sleep and got up fresh with vitalised energy and relaxed.

With my personal experience, I unreservedly recommend the non invasive tremendes effective treatment for persons having blockages in arteries ranging from 80% to 100% I am sure you will also get relief and lead a near normal life. My heart felt thanks to Dr.L.Sivabalan for his innovative treatment and giving a new lease of life for heart patients. The ever increasing number of patients thronging the consultation room is proof positive of the effectiveness of the knifless, sutureless, money saving treatment of Dr.Siva Balan and good set of his efficient and experience staff members of NEOMED HOSPITAL, Anna Nagar, Chennai 600 040.



PH: 23775022,

I had a mild heart attack on Feb17th 2005 warranting hospitilasiastion for seven days in ICU. Second opinion of leading Cardiologist in Chennai was taken who after Treadmill test suggested that I must go for angiogram and Bypass surgery. AT this stage when I was preparing for angiogram , I learnt about Neomed Hospital and I met Dr.L.Sivabalan. He suggreated that I should go for 3D Cardivascular Cartogram which can reveal the real picture and the condition my problem. I took his advice and the result of the investigation revealed that I have blockages in the three coronary arteries about 80%-90% and blood flow deficiency of about 40% and susceptible to pick up sugar. I was recommended for 40 Artery clearance chelation therapy and 5 ozone therapy sittings. I underwent the entire course and completed successfully. During the treatment twice I felt a sort of un easy sensation which was later found to be gastic problem. Dr.Sivabalan was always available on mobile and suggested the steps I should follow during such emergencies. A repeat cartograph was taken after the treatment which revealed the normal blood flow to heart muscles and the blood flow deficiency is zero.I feel very much relieved now. The duty medical officers Dr. Radhika, Dr.deepa, duty staff nurses and the attendants were very kind and rendered excellent service. I now look forward to a quality life . I wish that many more sufferers get the benefit of this treatment besides the economics part.
Thanks and Regards
with love

Retd.Deputy Superintendent of Police(Technical)

I was having chest pain while walking. I underwent Angiogram and was informed having artery blocks in three places.I was advised to undergo Bypass surgery . By chance I heard of Neomed Hospital . I came here for treatment for the above complaints. The treatment was started on 10th April 2006. the course was completed on 12th August 2006.

Now after the completion of the treatment I have no chest pain . I am able to carry out my day to day activities in a normal way without any discomfort.

I am thankful to Dr.SIVABALAN and the staffs of the hospital for taking care of me and bringing me back to my normal health.


Flat.No.1 C, Temple Tree Apartments,
20, Pycrofts Garden Road,

I am patient suffering from Hypertension, was under the treatment of Late Dr.R.S.Rajagopalan from the year 1970 onwards till he passed away. After his demise , I was under the treatment of Dr.Sathyamurthy , eminent Cardiologist of Apollo hospitals , Chennai. During the month of January 2005, I felt choking sensation while walking regularly, which necessitated a check up by Dr.Sathyamurthy at Apollo hospital. I was asked to undergo TMT, which showed positive result . After the test I was advised to undergo Angiography which showed blockages in the arteries and I was advised to undergo Bypass surgery.

Since I was not prepared to undergo open heart surgery, I was very inquisitive to know whether there is any alternative treatment for the same and hence I logged on to the internet , and found that there is a non-invasive treatment i.e. Chelation therapy and Ozone therapy. Both these therapies are predominantly used by most of the German doctors with fairly good results and success.

Hence I decided to opt for this treatment, which is without surgery and also at 60% of the cost of surgery. Therefore I contacted Dr.Sivabalan of Neomed hospital and started the treatment . I had 50 sittings of Chelation therapy and 15 sittings of Ozone therapy . After completing the treatment , I feel much better and have no choking sensation at all while walking, but the doctor advised me not to stop the medications for hypertension.

Razia Begum
5th June 2006
Mrs. Farhath Matheen, 76 yrs
Mrs. Farhath Matheen

Mrs. Farhath Matheen
J.B.A.S.Women’s College

I,Farhath Matheen aged 76 years have been suffering from coronary artery disease over the past 10 years. I am also a diabetic over 25 years, I have been on medication for both the above mention ailments. Additionally, I was also on insulin 40 units per day until recently.

From 2009 onwards, the frequency of the cardiac pain increased accompanied with bouts of vomiting. My cardiologist varied the prescribed medication but to no avail. Finally, he suggested that I undergo an angiography in order to gauge the presence of any blocks. The angiograph was done in Vijaya Hospital on 23rd December 2009.It was found that there was a 99% block in the right coronary artery and another smaller block down below. My cardiologist insisted that I undergo a bypass surgery at the earliest in order to avoid a heart attack, which he expected would happen anytime.

With great difficult I avoided his suggestion and got myself discharged on the 24th December 2009. It was only a divine help thet we came across a gentlemen who gave us information about Dr.Sivabalan and his team doing alternate treatment in substitution of surgey. We lost no time in contacting him and my first sitting for the Artery Clearance Therapy(Chelation therapy) commenced on the 28th December 2009. Just after the first few sittings I could feel a considerably good change in myself. The bouts of vomiting had ceased and the frequency of pain had reduced. I had 50 sittings of Artery Clearance Theraphy (Chelation Theraphy) and 5 sitting of H2O2 Therapy (Bio-Oxiidative Therapy)which I completed in October 2011,the long duration due to the gaps betweens the sittings which I had requested. Today I feel completely relieved of the pain. Incidentally my blood sugar has also come under control that I have stopped taking insulin and I am only on tablets.

Recently I was forced to climb two flights of stairs and I felt no pain in the process. All my relatives, friends who see me have expressed that I look fresh and lively.

I thank the Almighty for the divine help which has come to me through Dr.Sivabalan and his team. I invoke his blessings on him and his teams.

Farhath Matheen
28th December 2011
K.Vairamuthu., 68 yrs


24th September 2011