1. When it comes to heart disease, India has the leading cause of death for more than three decades. Various reasons contribute and lead to cardiovascular diseases such as:-
  2.  Smoking
  3.  Drinking
  4.  Unhealthy diet/ improper diet
  5.  High blood pressure 
  6.  Buildup of cholesterol 
  7.  Obesity
  8.  Age
  9.  Family history
  10.  Inactivity etc.

 A majority of us have been directly or personally affected by these factors, either we would have been the victim or someone close to us is. Know how natural remedies can effectively improve your heart health:-


 Eating effectively, though it may seem easy, is the most challenging task to do or follow. It is proven that a constant commitment to eat a proper, balanced diet has actually shown to be very effective at reducing the various risks of cardiovascular disease. Some people also benefit from working with a nutritionist who can help people make meal plans tailored to specific individuals’ needs and goals.


We all know physical exercises are essential. But we all are too busy and lazy to move our bodies around regularly. It’s high time we start moving and stop saying we don’t have time for physical exercises. There are so many ways to get ourselves moving indoors as well as outdoors such as:- 

  1. By taking stairs instead of using an elevator
  2. Walking during your lunch break
    Getting up from our seat/desk/bed wherever we are and stretch for around 5 minutes etc.


 How many of us know getting enough sleep is extremely beneficial for your heart?

All of us must have a regular sleeping pattern as experts say how sleep deprivation can lead to increased blood pressure. Our craving for more sleep itself is a sign that our heart needs some rest before the next day arrives.  


The longer diabetes, the higher the chance that you will develop heart disease, especially stroke or attack. It is very important to manage our diabetes to prevent the development of heart disease as there is a chance the higher blood glucose from diabetes can damage the blood vessels and the nerves that control the heart. 


There is an increased chance of getting cardiovascular problems if you suffer from depression or anxiety. These kinds of mental issues result in us feeling often sad and low. These people may lack good social support, as well. That is why it is always important to spend some quality time with your family and friends. Seek doctors’ help if you are feeling sad, low, and depressed for more than two weeks.


Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is carried in and around the body within the blood. While we all need cholesterol to be healthy, an imbalance of cholesterol (too much build-up) can lead to heart attack and other heart diseases.  


For a healthy heart, it is always important to relax and keep calm. Stress can cause many health issues, affecting almost all organs. It’s always important to find time for yourself. Keep away from the phone, computer, and other such technological distractions. Instead of charging them try to unplug your stresses and charge yourself.  


Always remember one thing: – ‘Your heart is in your hands.’ It is always better to schedule a checkup, which includes your cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose levels, etc., for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Follow prescribed medications without fail, along with your professional’s recommendations.