There is no wonder that the heart, the caretaker of almost all of our organs, needs special care and importance. This lockdown may have put a lock on our social activities but not our health. We may think we are having a complete rest, but to ensure we are doing great as well as all the other organs are doing great, our heart constantly pumps fresh blood in and out to all parts of our body. 

Providing the best state-of-the-art heart care has never been easy, and we at Neomed Hospitals take pride in always offering you the best. We know you might be disturbed about everything happening around us. That’s why we have picked some great testimonials to keep yourself and your hope going.


My name is V.Karthiyayini, 59 years old. I got a heart attack on January 1st. I was immediately admitted to SIMS hospital where they informed me it was a mild attack. They did Angio there, and at the time of leaving, they told me that I needed bypass treatment as well. Since my body conditions were weak at that time, they prescribed me medicines, advising me to come for the procedure later. Once back home, my husband searched the internet from where we came to know about Neomed. We immediately went to Neomed with our records where they took several scans, including the Nuclear scan. They said surgery-less heart treatment, ESMR treatment could be done for me; 3 sittings for 3 months. I followed everything that was told to me, including medicines. After 3 months, they again took a scan called ECHO. Nice improvement was there. 18-20% of EF is now 40-42%. After 3 months now I have come for the review. I feel remarkably better and free compared to before. It feels like the doctor saved me from my deathbed. You should definitely come and see the treatment here. I am sure their services will benefit everyone. 


My name is Maruthavanan. I suffered from a heart problem in 2008 for which I consulted a doctor who told me I had no other option but to undergo bypass surgery. So I had bypass surgery done in 2008, for which I took tablets and consulted my doctor once, every six months. Suddenly in 2019, I started experiencing difficulty while breathing. I was advised to check my EF, which was only 20%. My doctor gave me some medicines and asked me to have them for one week. Even after one week, I felt some breathing problems. I couldn’t sleep properly. My doctor suggested Pacemaker be put inside me, provided Pacemaker will not have 100% surety. Then again we went to another doctor in Bangalore where they said no need for Pacemaker but to do a heart transplant which will cost around 20 lakhs. They also told me I would need medicines that would cost around 20000-27000 monthly. We then consulted one homeopathic doctor named Vijay Anand who suggested we consult Dr. Sivabalan at Neomed Hospital in Anna Nagar. He told us about the surgery-less heart treatment ESMR. Initially, the EF was only 18%, but now it is 40%. He advised me to follow the procedure and medicines, and if things remain the same for another six months, then he will reduce the medication. We are very happy now.